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Reasons to Buy a House in Chonburi 

If you’ve been to Thailand, you will no doubt, be familiar with its beautiful sceneries and diverse landscapes, parts of Thailand really are breathtaking so much so that you may have considered purchasing a property in one of the more remote areas. Construction is big business in Thailand and even with the tourism industry suffering due to current world affairs there is still a steady boom of properties being built.

Why Chonburi?

You may have visited or passed through Chonburi on your travels whilst in Thailand, it is perfectly situated for those who like to be near the coastline and beaches as well as being reasonably close to the city of Bangkok. Buying a property in Bangkok might be good in terms of being right in the centre of the hustle and bustle, the capital of Thailand, where most business is done, however, if you aren’t keen on the scenery and the hecticness of the big city but want to be able to travel there within a couple of hours then Chonburi is a perfect choice. Some of the scenery in Chonburi is outstanding, you’ve got a mix of beach side locations or developments that are surrounded by the Chonburi mountain scape, the choice really is yours.

What is on offer?

Local developers are working hard to maintain the economy and continue to build quality homes as such you will find a wide range of properties available from ‘one off builds’, ‘housing development projects’, or even a ‘One-storey house project in Chonburi’ (known as บ้านชั้นเดียวชลบุรีโครงการใหม่ in Thai), it all depends upon your personal choice. Some of the projects that are underway are really impressive offering things like a private lake, swimming pools, round the clock security so you can be sure that your home is safe if when you aren’t there. You might want to purchase a property to live in or to lease out so that you can travel to Thailand for holidays and use the property as a holiday home, once you’ve made your purchase you ball is in your court, you might fall in love with it that much that if you don’t live in Thailand, you find yourself relocating.

An investment

Like with any property, the chances are that you are making the purchase as an investment and that is precisely how you should look at this opportunity, prices are very reasonable due to current world affairs, yet the economy is steady and strong which means that your money will be working for you, when the tourism industry returns to its fullest then the chances are values will increase even further.

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