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What are the different categories of properties in real estate?

Real estate investments are on the rise globally. For instance, in Goodyear, Arizona, real estate properties sold for a median price of $545K in May 2022. This is an increase of 28.3% from the previous month. Compared to last year, Goodyear houses typically sold after 23 days on the market. Therefore, if you are looking for a housing unit, you can search for condos for sale in Goodyear.

Types of Real Estate

Due to the abundance of alternatives, real estate investing can occasionally feel a little daunting. It is beneficial to comprehend the four primary forms of properties and how you can opt if you want to get started in this industry.

Real estate comes in various forms, each with specific use and value. The principal groups are:

  • Land
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial


For all sorts of real property, land serves as the foundation. Terrain usually refers to undeveloped land and open space. To enhance the density and increase the property’s value, developers buy land, combine it with other properties (a process known as assembly), and rezone it.

In metropolitan regions, vacant or undeveloped land is bought for future development and natural resource rights like mineral, water, or air. Investing in land typically involves far lower taxes and upkeep expenses than developed properties with buildings and tenants.

The land comprises:

  • Raw, undeveloped land.
  • Vacant lots for camping, fishing, and hunting.
  • Ranches and farms.
  • Timberlands and Orchards.
  • Residential or commercial development that is part of planned urban development.
  • A subdivision’s lot.

Local land brokers can help you find and negotiate the purchase of land in places with a lot of undeveloped lands, like Arizona, Texas, Tennessee, and Florida.


Individual, family, and group dwellings are all included in residential properties. Most people are familiar with this asset class because it is the most prevalent estate type. It’s also simple to comprehend the increasing value of the residential real estate market in the United States over the past ten years when considering the various alternatives for investing in residential property. residential properties include:

  • Homes for nuclear families
  • Condos
  • Cooperatives (Co-op)
  • Townhouses
  • Duplex properties
  • Triplex properties
  • Homes for mobility

Each of these examples of residential properties caters to specific needs. If you want a cost-effective option, a condo is a good option. If you are looking for investment options in Arizona, you can search for condos for sale in Goodyear.


Land and structures used by enterprises for operations are referred to as commercial property. Examples are shopping centers, individual stores, office buildings, parking lots, healthcare facilities, and hotels.

The market in the US is roughly half as big as the residential sector. In June 2022, the median list price for condos and townhomes in Goodyear, Arizona, was $426,000, up from $279,900 in 2021. Property meant for commercial purposes is referred to as commercial real estate, and it includes:

  • Offices in metropolitan office buildings, suburb office establishments, and medical facilities.
  • Buildings containing apartments and smaller multi-family homes with five units or more.
  • Park for mobile homes.
  • Property for amusement and hospitality.
  • Facilities for self-storage and mini-storage.
  • Garages and parking lots.
  • Supermarkets and gas stations.
  • Film theatres.


Industrial real estate includes land and structures for firms in the industrial sector for operations, including manufacturing plants, research and development centers, construction sites, logistics hubs, and warehouses.

Despite being used for commercial reasons, just like commercial real estate, industrial real estate is typically considered a different sort of real estate class due to the unique way that property is used:

  • Manufacturing facilities are similar to the Fremont, California, Tesla factory.
  • Facilities for freezer and refrigerator storage.
  • R&D parks such as Raleigh-Research Durham’s Triangle Park.
  • Plans for energy and solar power plants.
  • Data server facilities for businesses like Facebook and Google.


Real estate can be divided into many types. Not every market is suitable for all the categories. For instance, a condo is best for those seeking more security, a community-like feeling, amenities for recreation like a swimming pool and gym, etc. So, knowing which kind of property is best for you as an investor is crucial.

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